Welcome to Capoeira NARAHARI Tokyo!


▪️Guest Participation

Guests (who belong to other capoeira groups) are welcome to join lessons.

If you wish to join, please make a reservation using the e-mail form below.


▪️ if you want to join NARAHARI Tokyo.

Let's start with a trial participation!

It is 500 yen per lesson.

Capoeira trial is also fully reserved, so please contact us with your desired date of participation to make a reservation.


check the schedule for the latest information.

Please contact us if you need English.

▪️Lesson Schedule


Tuesday (Nakano)

19:30-20:50 Basic

21:00-22:20 Advance


Wednesday (Nakano)

18:00-18:50 Parent & Child

19:00-19:50 Parent and Child

20:00-21:30 Basic


Thursday (Nakano)

19:45-20:30 Training

20:35-21:15 Training

21:20-22:20 Basic


Friday (Chiba)

20:30-22:00 Basic


Saturday (Nakano)

13:40-14:30 Parent & Child

14:40-15:30 Parent & Child

15:45-16:35 Parent & Child

16:45-17:45 Kids

17:50-19:00 Advance

19:10-20:10 Basic

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